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Our Story

President Lilian at I Am Abel Conference

During her undergraduate career, Lilian found it a bit challenging to navigate through college first-hand. As a pre-health student, there were not many clubs that offered her the inclusive network and support she truly desired. Coupled with similar experiences her peers went through, she felt compelled to create a network for women to benefit from. 


Aspiring Women in Health started out as ‘Women in Health Professions’ at Prairie State College in Chicago Heights, Illinois in 2019. The club provided academic opportunities to students on campus and held discussions related to womens’ health and current events. 


With the success of Women in Health Professions on campus, Lilian decided to start the non-profit organization, Aspiring Women in Health in 2020. So far, Aspiring Women in Health has serviced 200+ women in high school, college, and beyond through a supportive community, community service, and clinical and academic opportunities.

How Did AWIH Start?

Who can be a part of AWIH?

Aspiring Women in Health caters to high school, college, and post-graduate women. Health is taking an interdisciplinary approach! Our goal is to shine light on each career that comprises the healthcare industry.

Some careers include:

  • Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Nursing, Physical Therapy, etc.

  • Allied Health Professions (technicians, assistants, etc.)

  • Health Law/Legal Work

  • Biomedical Engineering/Research

  • Healthcare Administration

  • Epidemiology, Microbiology, Bio/Cell, Research

  • Global and Community Health 

  • Social Work, Counseling, Education 

  • Nutritionist, Dietitians, Sports Medicine

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